Hare Krishna!
Autumn might be the gloomiest time of the year, but don’t worry! The brightest festival of the autumn is here.
We will celebrate Govardhan puja and Diwali on Sunday the 15th of November at 4 pm.
In the program:
*Arati ceremony
* Lecture on Govardhan Lila and Diwali
* Cultural program
– Damodarastakam Song
– Dance performance
* Govardhan puja ceremony
You are all warmly welcome!*
*We would like to remind you of our instructions for the temple visitors in our public programs (arati, kirtan-evening, Sunday Feast).
1. Please maintain good care of hygiene
2. Necessary safety distance to other visitors
3. We strongly recommend to use a face mask while visiting the temple. Please bring your own mask.
If you have any flu symptoms, please avoid visiting the temple for common safety and health.Those who belong to the risk group are advised to avoid physical contact and use their judgment while visiting the temple
Thank you for your understanding.
Warmly welcome! Hare Krishna!

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